The MISeducation Of Jesus Christ pt. 1

B-Boy For Christ



…I admit. I’m getting a little bothered by some people dragging Jesus name through the dirt. It’s really tripping me out. One of the things that trip me out is that the same people who would get upset at us Christians about speaking Jesus, and say that we are forcing our beliefs on people, are the same people forcing their belief’s on people and dragging Jesus name in the dirt.

So what are they doing? You know, their blogs and FB posts about how Jesus isn’t real or that the white man made us black folk believe in a white blue eyed Jesus, slavery is in the bible and the white man tricked the Africans. People are putting an X in the name of Christ in Christmas, blah blah blah BLAH!

HENSE, “The MISeducation Of Jesus Christ”!


Ok. So I came across a post from someone…

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