XBOX 360:
1. BornAgain2001 – Daniel Beck – San Francisco, California license_20130808214711_35291

2. x iPastor x – Pastor Steven R. Dodd – Colorado Springs, Colorado license_20130808221421_93654

3. StealthDisciple – Rashad Clark – Colorado Springs, Colorado license_20130808215342_79219

4. Jesus Possessed – Andy Vidot – Pleasant Valley, New York license_20130808220441_60163

5. Jesus Is N Me – Mark Ramos – Victorville, California license_20130808220334_16729

6. BionicSwash – Antony Rei – Landcaster, England

7. GodsSwagger23 – Chris Alle – Willmar, Minnesota license_20130808221056_8685

8. MarkDan4th – Mark W. Danforth – Windsor, Ontario, Canada canada_ont_legion_www-txt2pic-com

9. Eagal Eater – Joel Glover – Ft Huachuca, Arizona license_20130808221214_31471

10. Southpointdude5 – Christopher Hamilton – Charlotte, North Carolina license_20130808221542_19551

11. Inmysightsg Bye – Daniel Hamilton – Mount Holly, North Carolina license_20130808221612_35666

12. HOLE E ROLL R – Casey Thomas – Deer Park, Washington license_20130808221736_81126

13. Hogzilla80 – Terry VanVeldhuizen – Willmar, Minnesota license_20130808221844_17726

14. HolderOfTheHeel – Jacob Benken – West Chester, Ohio license_20130921135150_37797

15. Gods Gladiator – Christopher Allen – Whitehall, Montana license_20130808222129_87781

16. HolyKid321 – Leneal Thomas – Houston, Texas license_20130808222205_4731

17. Roy Fei Hong – Patrick Nielsen – Menomonie, Wisconsin license_20130808222255_28543

18. LIVE4JESUS87 – Jason Wetzel – Canton, Ohio license_20130808222405_56275

19. XxDURINATORxX – Brett Constant – Pomona, California license_20130808222455_81611

20. ArcticSoldier1 – Jacob Madrigal – Davison, Michigan license_20130808222534_87369

21. IceSoldier1 – Joshua Madrigal – Davison, Michigan license_20130808222554_93501

22. KYLERM1999 – Kyler Moses – Coffeville, Kansas license_20130808222647_19960

23. xDRx QuiCKscOpE – Danial Parks – Baraboo, Wisconsin license_20130808222738_46295

24. WhateverTeacher – Jon Petty – Knoxville, Tennessee license_20130808222814_49880

25. bkay27 – Brandon Kay – Lansing, Michigan license_20130808222942_92625

26. TheILLEST116 – Nathan Johnson – Palmdale, California license_20130808224613_62614

27. SCnDaHouse – Bobby Gladden – Lexington, South Carolina license_20130808224656_84062

28. junbug73 – Jorge Romero – Worcester, Massachusetts license_20130808224952_69981

29. xXHappy EndingX – Justin Hopkins – Pomona, California license_20130808225057_91072

30. xStankOnYax 777 – James Jenkins – South Hill Puyallup, Washington license_20130808225200_24348

31. BragOnMyLord116 – Steven Rodriguez – Savannah, Georgia license_20130808225443_7866

32. KTfreak4Jesus – Kaleb Kirton – Elk Grove, California license_20130809110302_47474

33. xXSgtSlghterXx – Pastor Todd Green – Colorado Springs, Colorado license_20130809110350_72411

34. PandaExpress29 – Maurisio Chavez – Atwater, California license_20130809110429_91664

35. STORMFIRE97 – Andrew Sheranko – Vandalia, Ohio license_20130809113139_27380

36. Noble Achilles – Jordan Valle – Zionsville, Indiana license_20130809112952_90222

37. I Told Dad on U – Adam Higareda – Louisville, Kentucky license_20130809112628_26359

38. SAMOANBROS1143 – Caleb & Nathaniel Taufi – Corona, California license_20130809110500_3641

39. xl IMM0RT4L lx – Jessie Climer – Chickasha, Oklahoma license_20130809112248_47155

40. GeneralRonnie98 – Ronnie Climer – Chickasha, Oklahoma license_20130809112315_56295

41. JAH SOLDJA – Ryan Pebelier – Napa, California license_20130809110532_16010

42. BLE55EDbyCHR1ST – Alex Luna – Riverside, California license_20130809110625_39486

43. KR0NICK WEEGEE – Joshua Dobby – Blenheim, New Zealand

44. J3SUSFR3AK4LIF3 – Patrick Partridge – Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada canada_nb_salmon_www-txt2pic-com

45. Trinity3n1 – Scooter Morin – San Gabriel, California license_20130809110708_54690

46. NICKSTAG21 – Nick Gonzales – Odessa, Texas license_20130809110926_1289

47. BLACK ACID45 – Steven Perez – Tulare, California license_20130809110822_81767

48. Mr Godswagg – Brandon Hairston – Greensboro, North Carolina license_20130809112443_87396

49. VacuolarMirror7 – Aaron B. – Greensboro, North Carolina license_20130809112519_99975

50. IJESUSMYSAVIORI – Dylan Darboone – Basile, Louisiana license_20130809112603_17685

51. TheAnnihilators – Ryker Richardson – Texas license_20130809110953_10244

52. Bonfihre – Creed Avarello – Ft. Worth, Texas license_20130809111037_14893

53. Shadow123334 – Ethan – Virginia license_20130809113258_56418

54: I _AM_SECOND77 – Nolan Neer – Mooreland, Oklahoma 

We have 130 Call of Duty members plus more pending… Others aren’t listed, because they do not want their information posted. We respect that too.


32 thoughts on “Members

  1. Chris

    This is a blessing to see this up and going. Amazing job Daniel

  2. Thanks for this site guys, this is awesome.

  3. Hogzilla80

    Thanks for this site guys, i have been wanting something like this for a long time.

  4. Jason wetzel

    i am so glad to finally see a site like this

  5. Jason wetzel

    was wondering when i would be added to the member list on here no rush but i do need a lot of prayers

  6. Denziel Nada

    Good stuff man love this!!!

  7. Really pleased with the site guys… awsome… god bless

  8. dustin

    nice web page this is C force us 1724./. bornagain

  9. adamg2011

    Hey Guys,

    I just found you today. Dan posted on the Christian Xbox group on facebook. Do you guys have forums?

    I am one of the founding members of 3dayrespawn. I am no longer with them though. Great guys but long story and it doesnt need to be told. My Gamertags are “Redeemed 1” and “Redeemed I”.

    I am a full time youth pastor up in New England and love it. Hope to play with some of you guys soon.

  10. Jason Wetzel

    why am i not on the members list because dan already told me i was in and i love this site.

  11. Had a chance to play with a couple of you the other night on the MoH beta. Great site and ministry for gamers. Keep the faith….

  12. Just joined via the CoD Elite Clan and after meeting a few members I am very happy to be here 🙂

  13. Hey 116Boyz! This T0BYW0N from GBG ( I wanted to stop by and thank you guys for joining our Bible Study last Tuesday night! It was awesome having you there! Also, as promised, here are the notes from that session:

    We will not be holding a session tomorrow night, to allow for people to vote, and to play teh HALO! Wooot! But we hope to see (hear) you guys online Nov. 13th at our next session!

    Have a Blessed Week, 116!

  14. Todd

    Cannot wait for the Black Ops II!!!!

  15. Ryker richardson

    Hey Man I would like to be put on the members list for Xbox 360 and I live in Texas. This summer I would also like to do some clan challenges with the clan so keep me up to date! My gamertag is TheAnnihilators!

  16. jon stieglitz

    I would like more information on affiliating my game play with 116boyz

    • We are all born again male gamers. All you have to be is born again & a male and your in. We want people to get to know everyone, Pray & encourage each other, get into the Word together, evangelize to other gamers, follow the code of conduct. Yes, we have a COD clan, but also a ministry to reach all gamers for Christ Jesus. But just reach them for Christ but get them plugged-in/ discipled

  17. Mike

    As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17 NIV)

  18. Nick Gaunya

    Man, I just played with one of the members “BornAgain2001” on bf4 on the XBOX and was astonished at the outreach. This kind of thing is something that I always wanted to do but never got started. Is there anyway I could get to be a member and help with the outreach? I feel that I would be a greater service to God if I helped spread the gospel to the people that I play with online, (I am constantly playing games online) then if I just let 2-30 people every online match go without knowing him a second longer.

  19. Thomas Miles

    Sent a message through contact.. Would like to become a member. Wasn’t sure where to post. I wanted to become an official member and let you know I have journalism and concept art 2d web design experience if you need any conttributors for the site. I also would like to ask permission to share this website with my church. I go to Toccoa Church of God at Rehobeth Worship Center in Toccoa Ga. and found jesus for the first time around six months ago and would like to share my testimony with everyone via blog if it is ok. I also plan to donate tythes for this website via donation when I get paid next friday. I can only give $20.00 this month but I hope it helps a little. I love this idea and want to be a part of this community and help spread the gospel any way that i can. God bless you all and may the lord bless and keep you and I pray lots of success to the creators and all wandering souls will find their way here and will accept our savior jesus christ into their hearts and lives. In the name of our king in all his glory and in the streadfast love of the holy spirit flowing through out us all I pray you all be blessed in all that you are and all that you do! Amen!

    My contact details are the following:

    Xbox Live: Knyte4Chryzt

    • Yes, we just replied to your email. Yes, you may share the ministry with your church and others. We are excited to do ministry with you & get to know you. Jesus bless you, Thomas! Keep shining bright for Christ for life!

      • Thomas Miles

        Thanks for the encouragement! Fantastic site guys! Feel free to add me everyone I am on xbox live pretty frequently and enjoy RPG, FPS/TPS, RACING and Fighting games. I also have been thinking of getting into sports gaming too, Baseball in particular. Thanks and be blessed :}

  20. Creed

    Hey Daniel, sorry about our “fall out” a few months ago. Thanks for not removing me.

    • Hey Creed, 🙂 glad your back.. we all fall down sometimes. I prayed for you buddy 🙂 Jesus bless you. And thank you for getting back! You made my day. 🙂 Had a not so good day today.

      In His grip, Daniel Beck

  21. Creed Avarello

    Daniel, i was Bonfihre and now my new name is TewDope

  22. I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the layout of your blog?

    Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a
    little more in the way of content so people could connect with it
    better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two
    images. Maybe you could space it out better?

    • Oh yeah, all the time. Trying to learn how to do that stuff too, also maybe looking at more of a professional website. Looking to get a program so we can connect with everyone easier. It also takes money, which I’m trying to work as much as I can. Thank you for your input. 🙂

  23. gamer4christ123

    Any gamers here who play on the ps4? If you do you can send me a friend request at gamer4christ123

  24. Jaleb

    Wow this is amazing! I’ve been searching for some christian gamer’s i could play with for a while, and i came past you guys and i see what you guys are doing and how much you love the Lord and i think you guys are doing a really good job. 1:16 one of the best verses ever! Yo we should play together sometime, let me know if anyone is interested.

  25. Creed Avarello

    gt changed to Ponderously

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