The MISeducation Of Jesus Christ, pt 2

B-Boy For Christ


Hello all!

Hopefully someone read part one of this series.

Before I get on with part 2, I want to tell you why I am doing this. As a follower of Christ’s teachings, it really bothers me when people, a lot who claim to be Christian, and the others, just go with something without seeking the Word to see if it’s true. The one of the things that bother me most, is mis-use of scripture, worse off, people saying things that aren’t biblical, as if it was. They don’t know it, because they don’t open their bible. Like the phrase, “only God can judge me”… That is out of the book of Tupac, not any book in the bible. But that is a different post.

The one thing I want to point out today is the whole, “stop taking Christ out of Christmas” thing. I see it on bumper stickers…

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