Xbox One VS PS4

PS4 vs Xbox One composite

Please make your comments about these two, clean & nice comments. Let’s discuss the pro’s & con’s about these consoles. Which one will you get? When will you get it? Have you prayed about it–meaning, have you prayed about which console God wants you to get to evangelize on. Remember, it’s not about you! It’s about our King and there is gamers on both consoles who needs Jesus.


Which controller do you like better? Even if you 100% Xbox it’s okay to admit the PS4 controller looks better (example).



Oh yeah, so Call of Duty Ghosts come out about a month before the consoles… What are you going to do? Buy COD Ghosts on your Xbox/PS3? If you buy the Xbox game, you have to buy again for Xbox One, if you are on Xbox 360 and buy the game & then switch to PS4, you still have to buy it twice. If you own a PS3 & get a PS4, you are saving money. OR will you wait the month to save $60? OR Keep the Xbox 360 until Xbox shuts down the servers?

Please do comment, thank you. Jesus bless you!


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7 thoughts on “Xbox One VS PS4

  1. I am getting the PS4, The main reason for this is because the PS4 team seems to have a vision for where the company is going. Xbox had a vision and they just pretty much totally abandoned their vision as soon as they saw people abandoning ship on the Xbox one. It seems to me that the Xbox one is aligning itself as being a more family counsel (It saddens me to say it) like the “Wii U”, and PS4 is moving more towards catering to the Gamer crowd.

    I guess the point i am trying to make is a company needs to understand its vision and understand its consumers. To me it sounded like xbox is saying we are going to tell the consumer what it needs and wants, and the PS4 team said we are giving the consumer what they are telling us “its needs and wants”. Microsoft isn’t listening to the consumers and Sony is.

    • Yeah Terry, Great point! I’m curious if PS4 will have updates (from the system being hacked again). I would like to get into the Twitch scene, but Xbox One will only have it. For those who don’t know, this is BornAgain2001 speaking, I think I will stay on Xbox 360 until it shuts down. Also, need to look at the MLG’s, we are trying to move in that direction too.

  2. i am going for the ps4 also because i dont like how xbox one you have to go online every 24 hours or else your game gets shut off. With the ps4 the hardware is better and sony definalty knows where they are going and i trust sony. another is ps4 is 100 bucks cheaper than xbox one.

  3. livingforjesus25

    i also have a wii u which i love but the xbox one just doesnt seem worth the price and committment to go online every 24 hours to play games or be kicked out.

  4. Hogzilla80

    Just so you guys know, After all the flack Microsoft got from its used game policy and online policy they backpedaled and said that they will not put restrictions on used games anymore and that you only have to go online one time for the initial setup, the 24hr always have to connect isn’t going to happen anymore.

    So what i said earlier about microsoft not having a vision, this is what i was talking about when they had a vision that wasn’t gamer centric and that when gamers started jumping ship they just changed vision. It really makes me wonder if microsoft has even an idea of where they are going in the next 5 years, since there used game policy and online policy that they were trying to sell everyone on just got shot down.

    I will most likely get an Xbox one at some point because i love alot of the games for Xbox, but not anytime soon, i’ll wait till the Price drops and when they have a package that doesn’t involve the kinect.

  5. I’m sticking with the 360 till the One gets a major price drop. I would love to get the PS4 because of the price right now, but I’m am in no way of affording either one. If I was to get one right now I would choose the PS4 because Spec wise it is better, I liked some of the exclusives and a lot of my friends are going to the PS4. Since the Xbox 180…. The One is probably my choice now, but with a hefty $499 price tag, I don’t think so.

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