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What is Happy about Halloween?


Nothing. Most people think Halloween is harmless. “I don’t do the witchcraft part.” You don’t have to, just taking part in it, like wearing costumes and giving/receiving candy is supporting Halloween.

Don’t waste Halloween night pleasing yourself, but instead please God instead. Okay, how do I do that? Well, since today is Halloween, go to your local Christian bookstore and ask/look for Halloween tracts. If they are out of the Halloween ones, get regular tracts. On a tight budget? Make some Halloween cards & on the back, write out the gospel of Jesus. 🙂

Please do watch this YouTube video we have created for you:

So, you can either sit at your house & wait for people to come to your door OR reverse trick or treating… Go out & find people and put the tracts in kid’s bags.

Don’t do nothing on Halloween or take part in Halloween, but evangelize. “But it’s what we always do every year” & “the kids already got their costumes.” Okay, give your kids the tracts to pass out to other kids.

How about you read The Dark Side of Halloween:


The Dark Side of Halloween

The Dark Side of Halloween – The History of Halloween

The Dark Side of Halloween – The Heroes of Halloween

The Dark Side of Halloween – The Harm of Halloween

The Dark Side of Halloween – Alternatives


Jesus bless you! Now Go out and make a difference this Halloween. Since this is National Evangelism Day. Contact us if you have any questions or would like information on how to evangelize this Halloween.

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Best Tract Day of the Year!


Black Friday is the day of the year that tens of thousands line up outside of stores, waiting for the moment when the doors open so that they can get a bargain. So they wait, bored to tears… until you come along and give them a wonderful boredom-breaker!

Pass out the tracts you have and if you don’t have any. You can purchase them at and You may have to pay extra for next day delivery, but it is well worth it! Even if one person comes to know the Lord, it will be well worth the extra money. And many seeds planted. Jesus bless you!

Oh! People are already lined up, so go give them something to read.

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