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How to Pronounce, Christian

We have seen the word ‘Christian,’ in the Bible and its been around for a while. People can write a word down and not hear someone pronouce the word correctly. If in the Bible days, they pronounced ‘Christian’ different than they do today, we will never know. We didn’t have a voice recorder.

My question is are we pronouncing Christian correct? We, for several years have pronounced Christian as (Chris-tian) [ kríschən ]. Is that the correct way to pronounce it? I personally believe when first Christians came about in the Bible, ‘Christian’ was pronounced different than what we say it today.

Christian means like Christ, not like Chris. As we take a closer look.

Think about it, look at the word, (Chris-tian) [ kríschən ]. Who is Chris? I don’t serve and worship Chris, but CHRIST, I do. I believe we have missed pronounce Christian.  I believe this how we should pronounce it, (CHRIST-EE-uh n) or (CHRIST-chun), probably (CHRIST-EE-uh n) more, because if you break (CHRIST-chun) down, the (chun) is referring to (tian) then your left with Chris.

I personally believe the pagans may have started this, why? When pronounce (Chris-tian) [ kríschən ] there is no CHRIST, someone took pronunciation of CHRIST out of the word, Christian.

So instead of pronouncing it  (Chris-tian) [ kríschən ], lets pronounce it (CHRIST-EE-uh n) and share this with all of our brothers and sisters.


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