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Audacity is FREE to Watch!

Check out it! Today is the day of the release of the movie, Audacity!

Please enjoy & share! Jesus bless you!

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It’s Now Official, USA is a Godless Country

If you haven’t heard yet, on Friday, June 26, 2015, the United States of America has now confirmed they are a Godless country.

Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide:

We are living in the end times & don’t be surprised if your church gets shutdown for obeying the Bible. Jesus bless you all, stay firm for Jesus! And it will only get worse from now on.

What’s next for us born-again Christians? We need to act, there are PLENTY of businesses that support SIN. We need to stop using their services, which we, the 116 Boyz, will need to find a new website host. WordPress is showing gay pride. Here is a screenshot.


If there are businesses, movies, TV shows, etc. that we know of that are supporting sin and continue to use them. We also are in sin. Stand up for the Truth of Jesus Christ and go that extra mile of learning about the businesses that you use.

If you are reading this and you happen to claim to be homosexual and prideful of it and you say that you are a “Christian.” You aren’t a born-again Christian. If you are homosexual and your ashamed of your sin, and at the end of the day you ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins, you are more likely to be born-again. Born-again Christians do not walk around prideful of their sin.


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Coming Out The Closet


“For the record, this poem is NOT advocating a homosexual lifestyle, nor am I “Coming Out The Closet” as a homosexual. It’s saying that Christians have taken the place of homosexuals in our society in regards that Christians are not as free to express the principles of their faith outside the walls of church without ridicule or backlash. Case and Point: When Tim Tebow professes his Christianity, he’s urged to keep it to himself. When Jason Collins expresses his sexual preference, he is a hero.” – Karness Turner Jr.


This is a Must-see video! Also, if your thinking about doing the fall challenge, this is great encouragement!

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How Does Same-Sex Marriage Affect You?

The definition of marriage is debated now more than in any other time in history. No issue defines our current cultural crisis as clearly as homosexuality. So how should Christians respond in these troubling times? 

Please comment.


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As most of you may know, state of California is now a gay homosexual state. And this weekend is pride weekend as many have come to San Francisco to celebrate.

Remembering the Bible, the rainbow is a symbol of God’s promise that He will never flood the earth again. But He will destroy with fire next time.

God doesn’t hate gay homosexuals, He hates the sin they do. To make this short & sweet. The question is, can you be a gay homosexual and be born-again? If you are practicing homosexuality, you cannot be born-again. If you are fighting the temptation of homosexuality, you can be born-again. When you are born-again, we still fall into sin, but are forgiven and we fight the sin. If you deliberately do homosexuality, you fall short of the kingdom of heaven. But it’s not just homosexuals, as a man is attracted to women and being born-again, we fight the SAME fight to not lust after women. Yes, if you deliberately lust after women, you too will fall short of the kingdom of heaven.

Pride weekend? Pride is not from God, Satan owns Pride. If there are people who are homosexuals and claim they are born-again, please right now lift them up in prayer. That may God convict them of their sin and may they fight the battle not to deliberately sin.

If you deliberately sin, you fall short of the kingdom of heaven. And if God isn’t your god, you are in deliberate sin. May you surrender to Jesus today!

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