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Small Prayers


The world has brain washed us saying when you pray, pray big. Well, not a lot of us have a lot of big prayers so we just don’t pray at all. God doesn’t just want to hear you pray big prayers but also small prayers. Is there such thing as too small of a prayer? No!

Example: 116 Boyz Motto is: PRAY before you PLAY – Do you do that?

Whether your playing an offline or online game, you need to pray. Have you ever played a game and your trying to complete the achievements and there 1 or 2 that are very hard to complete and maybe you come close a couple times but don’t get it, then all of a sudden you RAGE in anger. Been there? I’m sure we all have. Now since you think about, now you can see why maybe you should pray. God cares if you rage and He wants to complete the game. Before you probably thought, why pray before playing a game? That’s so little. But God wants to be apart of your WHOLE life, even gaming.  After I prayed, shortly later on, I completed the achievements and not just completed but tripling my score and when I would fail, I didn’t rage.

The moral is PRAY before you do anything, BIG or small and to get you in the habit of praying.

God wants us to talk to Him often throughout our day, not JUST in the morning or JUST at night, but throughout our whole day.

If you are playing an offline game and don’t know what to pray? Pray this: Lord, help me to not rage, but enjoy the game and help me to pass the levels or achievements. Amen.

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