Here at E3 2019

Standing in line here at E3 2019. A lot of people so far. Doors open at 2pm PST here downtown Los Angeles, CA.

As E3 isn’t just gamers, but the game developers & their teams are here as well.

This is my 1st E3 event. I’ve been to all the Twitchcons so far & 1 PlayStation Experience.

Pray for each gamer out there. Little do they know you can actually respawn again 1 time after you die. But only if you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

I will be streaming throughout the 3 days June 11-13 on our Twitch Channel: 116 Boyz & a little on our YouTube channel: 116Boyzdotcom

We also are doing an E3 2019 Giveaway: Enter E3 Giveaway

Be posting pictures throughout the expo of E3 on our Twitter: 116 Boyz & Instagram: 116 Boyz

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