2 thoughts on “Bullying VS. Trolling

  1. kris

    i agree with this, i flagged a few of their videos because of this trolling and tried to comment on theur videos but they wont allow it any more. and they have 1,000,000 subscribers!!!!! how do they have that many for a bullies videos???

    • Yeah, I don’t know either… The sad part is many of them are being picked on & bullied themselves. A lot of people who maybe get bullied then bully others may fell good about themselves? Are you familiar with Twitch.tv? In their rules of chat, it says, treat others how you would like to be treated. Did you know that’s in the Bible? (Luke 6:31) Are you a born-again Christian? If your not, you would born-again Christians would live to a higher standard. Did you know that there are Christians that support trolling. They think its having fun (laughter) as long as “i” good. Then later I tell share with “you” that you have been trolled, “haha” So now its all better. Wrong.

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