Christmas Christian Muzik

We hope you enjoy the Christmas Christian muzik we have selected (a little bit of every type of music.)  2014 years ago, our Savior Jesus Christ was born, then 33 years later, He died on the cross for our sins to give us eternal life. So we have a choice to make, death or life. What do you choose? Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one can get to the Father (God) except through Jesus. You must be born-again to enter into the kingdom of heaven. Being born-again means being born of the Spirit, and being born of the Spirit is to repent of your sins and turn to Jesus alone. JESUS = LIFE, Everything else = death.

What is Christmas without Jesus? Christmas wouldn’t be a holiday, it would be meaningless. So now we just have Santa Claus, well, here is the true story of “Saint Nicholas” (he was a Christian) he helped to restore the hope a family in need. He did this through of the love of Christ. ( ) That is where Santa Claus come from but media/business people wanted to make money, so they took “Santa Claus” and made up a false story and if you can see, it is Satan trying to wipe Jesus out of Christmas and most people don’t the true story on Saint Nicholas.

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Christian Muzik

  1. skillet

    So true brothers. Also, let us remember the cross.
    Merry CHRISTmas and good gaming.
    Josh. 1:9


    To All my 116 Boyz brothers Stay on your Grind/MR MLG 777

  3. Amen brothers 🙂

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