The King of Hearts

Greetings Brothers,
Happy Valentine’s Day I wanted to share a special devotional reading named “The King of Hearts”:
Only when you lose your confidence in yourself will you see your need of Me.
How can I comfort you unless you begin to mourn your attempts to live apart from Me?
Only when you stop fighting Me and give Me permission to begin reordering your inner world will I give you more than you ever hoped for.
I will fill your life to overflowing when you begin to hunger and thirst for the kind of rightness that comes from My heart rather than your own.
Being right with Me will give you a heart of mercy for others.
Mercy will wash the windows of your heart and enable you to see the reassuring presence of God, above, beneath, in, and around you.
Once you begin to see that the battles of your lives are in the hands of your God, you will see why I’m changing your self-protective ways to the heart of a peacemaker.
May Jesus touch your heart and bless you.
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