Do you believe in zombies? Could they be real? Do we have real zombies on this earth, not wanna-be’s that act dress up and act like them. We will list some different kinds of zombies.

First off, all zombies are dead (not all the way there) Here are different examples of zombies.

1. People on drugs or alcohol, including marijuana

2. People glued to texting or their phones (it’s true)

3. People who break up, separate, or even divorce or even just get into a fight with their spouse.

4. People who are demon possessed


But the real zombies are demon possessed people. By the way, when your on drugs or alcohol that’s an easy way for demons to enter your body.

What does zombie mean:

  1. Originally, a snake-deity of or deriving from West Africa and Haiti.
  2. A soulless corpse said to be revived by witchcraft, esp. in certain African and Caribbean religions.

And the sad thing is zombies are in style, not just in the world, but with Christians too. Zombies are pure evil.

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