Nintendo’s competition against PC, Xbox & PS4 isn’t that good. They need to come out with a console with some competition.

Look at Hollywood for an example, they are running of ideas to make better movies, so they are going back to the old school movies and remaking them. Maybe Nintendo needs to do the same.

I think Nintendo should bring back the NES Nintendo and allow online multiplayer, keep all the 8-bit games as is. And come out with Call of Duty games in 8-bit and other new games but also make them in 8-bit form.

I believe Nintendo would go big on this. Does anyone agree or disagree? I have the original and I would buy the updated one, if they came out with this.

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3 thoughts on “Nintendo

  1. I agree that would be Cool. I also was thinking that Nintendo and Sony should be partners or the same company, like they were before the Playstation came out. That would most likely crush Xbox.

  2. Eric Santana

    I disagree. Thing is, if developers want 8-bit games, we have WiiWare.
    Sony has PSN and Micro$oft has XBLN.

    While that idea would be cool, it’s just not practical for mainstream gamers.

    • Awesome man! Thank you commenting! We love to hear different opinions 🙂

      I know I buy it, if it came out. It’s not like Nintendo is competing against Xbox or PS.

      It like clothes, people bring things back in style. NES & Atari is real style 🙂

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