We would like to hear from you!

Please share your comments, or stories/testimonies. How 116 Boyz has helped you in your walk with the Lord? Such as, if we our ministry bought you to the Lord or has helped you get back on track with Christ. How have we helped you? Please share, whether you are new or been around in this ministry. Thank you, Jesus bless you!

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3 thoughts on “We would like to hear from you!

  1. livingforjesus25

    To comment on how you on the 116 Boyz have encouraged me by being there for me and keeping in touch with me. Though I’ve been going through quite a bit of troubles. But you guys never gave up and kept in contact with me which has helped me out alot.

  2. Playing with the clan helps me control my tongue, growing up around cussing has made it a habit for me.. The game comes with trash talkers and everytime I think about doing it or cussing, I think about the clan and what Jesus has done for me; then I unplug my mic and control my tongue.. Sometimes I feel like the only church I have is the 116 boyz, I love all the encouragement I get.

  3. Patrick McKelroy

    In just a few short weeks, I’ll be finishing my first term of seminary school. In my sociology class, my professor asked us to research a cultural group and the best way to reach that group. In my research, I found the blog of a man who received a message from a 116Boy after a Call of Duty match that said, “Do you know Jesus Christ?” After going to the 116Boyz page, I was inspired to send similar messages to people I play with and minister to everyone I meet not only in the physical world but in the cyber world as well.

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