Inspired by God‏

“All the families of the earth will be blessed through you and your
descendants.” – Genesis 28:14 (NLT)

One God-inspired idea can change so much.  Braille sure did!  In 1824
Louis Braille, a Christian, invented a system of raised dots on paper
so that blind people could read.  He invented 63 symbols representing
every language; hence God’s Word was placed into the hands of the
visually impaired for the first time.

And communications?  In part, you owe your cell phone and your
computer to a Christian named Samuel Morse.  How different the world
was before him.  First class news took two weeks to reach the USA.
And reports of a major victory could take six weeks to reach Britain.
One day a fried said, “Morse, when you were experimenting did you ever
come to an absolute deadlock, not knowing what to do?”  Morse replied,
“More than once.”  His friend asked, “What did you do then?”  Morse
shared a secret: “I got down on my knees and prayed for light, and
light came, and when my inventions were acknowledged by flattering
honors from America and Europe, I said, ‘Not unto me, O Lord, not unto
me, but unto Thy name give the glory.'”  That’s why the first message
sent by transatlantic cable read: “What God has wrought.”

Now add another Christian named Louis Pasteur, the French scientist
who showed us that infection is the result of things we can’t see,
namely germs and viruses.  He introduced sterilization methods that
eventually saved the lives of multitudes.  Think God has run out of
good ideas?  Not a chance!  Ask Him for one for your life, your
ministry or your business!

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