Silence, Patience & Tears‏

A wise man once said to me “One man’s snowstorm is another man’s ski
vacation”.  I have to agree, as perspective should precede trying to
filter through all that life throws our way. Over the past couple of
weeks, we’ve received several phone calls, emails and prayer requests
all seeming to have the same theme: THINGS ARE NOT GOING WELL RIGHT
NOW.  With the understanding that life is cyclical, I believe today
would be a good day to revisit some truths we’ve presented in times

#1 – If things are going great for you at the moment, praise God. But
please don’t be misled into thinking that they’ll always be going so smoothly.
File today’s message away for future use.

#2 – If things are not going so great at the moment, praise God.  This
message today is just for you.

“There are times when God asks nothing of His children except silence,
patience, and tears.” – Charles Seymour Robinson

Silence: Because during those times that’s all that full trust demands.
Patience: Because that’s all the faith you can exercise.
Tears: Because it’s a better choice than insanity.

God’s sovereignty means nothing to us unless we are regularly reminded
that nothing is beyond His control.  When we obsess about the harsh
wind and the waves of this world, we tend to grow suspicious of God’s
power and goodwill.  In His infinite wisdom, God has His reasons for
allowing certain things to happen.  And because He is God, He does not
always choose, nor is He obligated to reveal those reasons to us.  His
nature is unchanging.  And because His nature is unchanging, we can
rest in the fact that when perilous threats arise, historically, God
uses them purposely to further establish His people.  What does He
want to further establish in you?

There is only one infallible way to safely weather the numerous
difficulties you will encounter in life, and that is to expect nothing
from yourself, but in everything to expect and depend upon God for
relief.  If you cling to this truth, you will be led through all your
problems to fellowship with God.  Your trials can then become your
greatest blessing when you remember that God does not waste life
experiences!  So be silent, be patient and if you have to, go ahead
and shed a tear.

“Brokenness is the mark of a person that is qualified to be used by
God.” – Eric Mason

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