Are You Good At Blogging?

First, Are you born-again?

Second, Are you good at blogging and looking to blog else where?

Third, Would you like to be heard? And get your blogs featured on the main page?

Looking  for writers to provide Blog Posts for the following categories:


Social/Pop Culture/Celebrity NEWS:

Do you like to keep up with celebrity news and gossip? We are looking for 2-3 bloggers to keep this site fresh with celebrity news and happenings.


We are looking for 1-2 writers to provide reviews, features and news

  •   Hip Hop
  •   Soul
  •   R&B

All Christian based


Do you watch more movies than anyone you know? If you love movies, this is for you! We are looking for a blogger to provide weekly movie  reviews & feature stories.


Are you passionated by NFL – NBA – NHL – Soccer? We are looking for a blogger who can provide latest highlight videos, transfer news and  more.

Video Games:

Are you a gamer? We are looking for a blogger who can provide video game reviews, features and keep up up-to-date with what’s coming.


Do know what everyone should be wearing? We are looking for a blogger to provide fashion features that keep our site visitors up-to-date with what is hot in the world of fashion (sneakers, clothes, etc.).

Also looking for very social people to manager our social network.


If your interested, please contact us for more information. Thank you. Jesus bless you!

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