Jesus Bless You!

I encourage all brothers & sisters in Christ Jesus, to say to people, “Jesus bless you” instead of “God bless you.” Why does it matter? Think about it… doesn’t the pagan even say that? Look at non-Christians, muslims, Mormons etc., We all say “God bless you.” But the thing is, we don’t worship the same god. Christians know what you mean when you say “God bless you” because they “know” God. Many people truly don’t know God.

God’s name “God” isn’t that offensive. But Jesus is. Why? Because Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Satan wants people to be mixed up and far as Jesus as possible. Have you noticed, in every language across the world, people use God’s name in vain? Why your thinking? It’s a sin and Satan wants everyone to use His name in vain, that’s blasphemy. Christians, pastors even do this. And we need to stop.

So you say, Jesus is God, yes He is. Why not instead say, “Jesus bless you,” because I know the  non-Christian, the muslim, the Mormon etc. isn’t going to say, “Jesus bless you.”

Want to impact the world? 3 words like “Jesus loves you” but a lot of people aren’t familiar with or used to hearing, “Jesus bless you.”

I encourage you, to pass this on to all our brothers & sisters in Christ. And start practicing using and saying, “Jesus bless you.”

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One thought on “Jesus Bless You!

  1. There’s power in the name of Jesus. It causes discomfort because of the name, however there’s healing in the name. 🙂

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