Encouraging Words for New Believers

Just want to write a little bit to encourage the new believers that will hopefully be checking out this website. If you have a bible, please read psalm 73. As an ex convict, ex drug addict, ex alcoholic, ex adulterer, just an ex man of the world, I struggled with my identity and the things that the world said I needed to be. Psalm 73:3-7 was the people I envied and tried so hard to be like. They seemed to have such a perfect and hopeful life. They had money, had the women I wanted and had health it seemed. So I strived to be like them, by selling drugs and robbing the rich to have the appearance that I too can be envied by the little guys. My heart was of the world and it only brought trouble and strife into my life.

However, when the Lord finally got a hold of me, he pointed out to me verse 17. He made it clear to me where the rich and proud were going. Those individuals were stacking up there riches here on earth. But this place (earth) is just our temporary home, our mission field you can say. We are to store our riches in heaven where our true home is. I was living out of God’s will for my life. We are made to worship Him, not those who have all the earthly things that money can buy. Not to worship money, cars clothes and everything else the world tells us we need to have to be somebody. We belong to a holy and perfect God, why would I want to worship the creation instead of the Creator?

So after walking this walk for a year I starting seeing the awesome power of our Father and learning that He is all that I, we, should desire. My life starting being molded into a beautiful pot, in just a year. I started seeing the plans that He had for me. His will started becoming my will and a couple doors starting opening. He has captivated me now for over 4 yrs. and continues to open doors and bless my life, because as I said, my will has become His. He wants to bless us, we need to step into those blessings that He has for us, by lining our life up with His.

If some of you have not seen His goodness, I urge you to take that step of faith and give Him at least 6 months of your life whole heartedly pursuing Him, as He does us. If He doesn’t move or work in your life than you can go back to what your life is consisted of now. But test me on this, search Him out with your all. v25)Whom have I in heaven but You and earth has nothing I desire besides You. v26)My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion.

Chris Alle

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One thought on “Encouraging Words for New Believers

  1. bionicswash

    So good to see encouraging words of God’s power and love towards us- once His enemies, now sons through the grace of God, through faith in the completed work of Christ. Thanks for sharing Chris and praise God for your testimony. He is faithful!

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