Remember Your Duty

116 Boyz… It’s time to be deliberate. Each one of us were once lost. Let’s make sure we pick up our cross daily when we are gaming and follow Christ. No foul language… No confrontations… If you get into an argument online. Pick up your cross and walk away. Be Salt and Light! Do not tarnish the brotherhood or the 116 Boyz Ministry. We are Men Set Apart to do the Lord’s Work. And above all else… Pray, Pray, Pray for each other!

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One thought on “Remember Your Duty

  1. bionicswash

    Grace is there if we fail: it might be a battle to stay peaceful in the face of defeat, trolling, hating and all the rest of the foulness that goes on in COD lobbies. Stay connected to Christ, The Vine, live and breath His Spirit, strive to know Him everywhere, all the time: no excuses! And if you do lose it, apologise! It’s amazing how much of a testimony it is when a Christian confesses publically for his failures and imperfections. Because, remember, The Gospel is not about how good you are, but about how gracious, loving and forgiving God is in Christ: He perfects the imperfect, imparts us righteousness despite our sin. He paid for us! Praise God! Be meek: don’t defend your undefendable sin, because if it were okay, Christ would not have died the way He did to kill it in you.

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