Dear 116 Boyz,

Promoting this website is also promoting our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. Remember, this isn’t about me or you. It’s all about Jesus! Share this site online gamers, including Xbox, Ps3, Wii & Computer gaming & other devices. If you aren’t promoting Jesus on your profile yet. Please promote on your profile.

Be apart of something BIG! Prepare yourselfs, a few ways to prepare yourself: “Pray, read God’s Word, sing songs of praise to Him, close your eyes & pray that God will speak to you that He will show you an image & after your done praying keep your eyes closed & wait on God until He shows you something. Listen to all Christian based music, every song has a message. Christian songs has a good message.

What are you going to do after you read this post? No. Go! & Promote this site, there are many born again christians online gaming, go through people’s friends list & share the Truth.

I love you guys! But remember, you say your a 116 boy but do walk the walk of a 116 boy? Do you promote Jesus when your alone, when none of your “christians” are around?

Memorize this verse: Romans 1:16

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One thought on “Promoting

  1. bionicswash

    Keep it up Dan: bless you for your energy, drive and your passion to rep Christ. Keep in the spirit Bro.

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